Black Tuna Recordings Release Catalogue

Fort McMurray Fundraiser Album

In an effort to alleviate the growing burden on those battling the wild fires in Alberta, Black Tuna Recordings has teamed up with multiple artists with the goal of providing relief to the local community. All funds raised will be donated to the Fort McMurray SPCA to help injured and lost pets find their way home safe, and in good health. Many pets found require immediate attention are not covered under homeowners insurance, which can add significant costs to the rebuilding process. Many families will need a helping hand in their journey to recovery. The Fort McMurray Fundraiser will be an ongoing campaign that grows and changes. It will take a lot of time to rebuild the community, and BTR wants to help in any way we can! Updates will follow as new content is added to increase our reach, and impact. The record will start off as a five-track multi-genre album with tracks from Glott!, Brockout, rOhmz, and Tunes Auto. All contributors will receive updated content in the form of a private download link provided by Black Tuna Recordings via email. The album will be available by donation, so head over to our Bandcamp page and donate today! If you are a music producer and you would like to contribute music to the album, please use our contact page at