BTR036 - Levrige - LEMME C U EP

Hybrid bass duo Levrige aka Erski & J.F Killah returns with their second installment on BTR. Producing their own unique brand of infectious bass music, they effortlessly combine elements of Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, Jungle and Footwork, their music is a perfect representation of all that is right with underground dance music. The tracks are a perfect blend of massive basslines, halftime beats, and smooth rollers; this EP perfectly demonstrates the duo’s versatility and ability to bring all these sounds together creating the best dancefloor vibes. Jumping right in, the title track “LEMMY C U” is a juke fueled heater that gets straight to the point. Driven by thick 808’s and a smooth pulsing bassline, this one will have you dancing out of your seat and bouncing on the floor. “Bad Boy”, gives you a little bit of everything. Dropping in with hybrid halftime vibes, it transitions into a smooth dnb roller with satisfying jungle breaks, flexing the duo’s ability of not being bounded by any genre. Next up is “Grym”, another halftime heavy hitter that packs a punch with its grimey bassline, driving kicks that keep you wanting more. The fourth song “Babble on” is a little more on the chill side of things with subtle melodies accompanied by a large gritty bassline and jungle esque atmosphere. Last but not least we have Metafloor’s rendition of “LEMMY C U” the Calgary based producer slaps his signature sound on this one, giving it the halftime treatment, with a deep and heavy bassline and more aggressive vocal, his take on this tune does not disappoint.

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