BTR033 - Aversive - Space Odyssey / Pandora's Box

Black Tuna kicks off the brand new Voyager Series with Aversive, and her third BTR EP titled Space Odyssey / Pandora’s Box. With releases on BTR, MalLabel Music, Outtallectual Collective, and The Glitch Shop, Aversive has been killin’ it. Space Odyssey sets off with a bright pad playing a calm melody as it seamlessly develops into a dark world of gritty percussion, and dirty basslines. Layered with unique ambiance and broken patterns, Aversive’s ability to engineer that underground sound that never quits. Pandora’s Box has that pleasant, familiar vibe that creates the perfect b-side. It begins with a warm pad melody and splashes of percussion that set the tone for another dark one. Textured aural effects give this tune serious width and that big-room feel. Space Odyssey / Pandora’s Box are massive!

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