BTR025 - Hex - No Forgiveness

Black Tuna Recordings presents the “No Forgiveness” EP from UK producer Hex! Based in Scotland, Hex has been DJing since 2010 and holds a residency at Glasgow’s longest running Drum & Bass night, Symbiosis. Since 2012 he’s also been turning his hand to production, with releases on Celsius, Free Love Digi, Transmission Audio, Sub:mission Audio and many more. Hex brings high quality and serious attention to detail in his first BTR EP.

The “No Forgiveness” EP features two distinct mixes: the “Terror Mix” on the A side and the “Gloom Mix” on the B side. The “Terror Mix” begins with a smooth, melody-driven synth pad, and a minimal hi hat sequence that lulls the listener into a sense of false security before exploding with energy into hard amens, synth stabs, punchy sub and crunchy reese synths. Harking back to the dark techstep sounds of the early 2000s, the “Terror Mix” is a straight up dance-floor banger, and the perfect fit for a heavy set!

The “Gloom Mix” is a phenomenal B side, exploring deep, low end control, pulsating vibes, and luscious atmospheres that envelope your senses. Opening with a pulsing kick drum, soft pads and a stripped back vibe, the track explores halftime percussion set to a soft, echoing guitar lick. Amen switchups in the second half keep the listener on their toes as the track evolves, shifting gears as the different elements fade in and out of the mix.

The two mixes on the EP showcase darkness and depth, two sides of a familiar yet distinctive sound making Hex’s “No Forgiveness” an incredible musical experience.

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