BTR021 - Fat Pat - Liquifried

Fat Pat returns to Black Tuna Recordings with his brand new Drum and Bass roller “Liquifried”. Fat Pat is known for his greasy, trans-saturated fats, massive basslines, and his taste for musical adventure. Fat Pat’s first BTR release came in the form of Fat Pat & Kursa “Sleepless Beats” with four original Glitch-Hop tunes to satisfy the palate. His second appearance on the label was in the form of “Odyssey” from calm#Pound , a duo comprised of Fat Pat and Melo.Nade focusing on smooth relaxing trip-hop.”Liquifried” marks Fat Pat’s first solo Drum and Bass tune on Black Tuna Recordings, kickin’ off with a seriously groovy drum line, warm pads, and a smooth ethereal lead synth that sets a relaxing tone. “Liquifried” soon transforms, as the subtle relaxing vibe rolls into an aggressive percussion ride, with a lead synth that almost speaks to you. Fat Pat’s drum and bass is fresh and full of BTR flavour.

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