BTR020 - Metafloor - Just Like Meh EP

Metafloor does it again! Black Tuna Recordings is proud to present the “Just Like Meh” EP. This time around, Metafloor takes a darker form, focusing on intricate drum sequences, juke vibes and straight up footwork. The title track “Just Like Meh” begins with the timeless sound of broken beats, and shimmering hats setting an old school tone. Chilling melodies slowly creep in and out as wide, atmospheric synth pads create an enticing environment for the lead vocal to live. Accompanied by a bright, high-end organ, and a pulse that drives all night long, “Just Like Meh” is sure to get your two-step on! “Original” is the second track on the EP and begins with a warm, fluid synth pad groove. Soon accompanied by transient heavy percussion, and an entrancing vocal loop that keeps this track “Original”. “Just Like Meh” is a must-have dancefloor weapon to have in your arsenal.

Animator: Hannah MacAulay

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