BTR013 - calm#Pound - Odyssey EP

Black Tuna Recordings proudly presents calm#Pound and the “Odyssey” Ep. calm#Pound brings a brand new sound to BTR, and with flavour too. This 6 track EP is a magnificent exploration of calm#pound’s inner workings, and expresses multiple techniques throughout its journey into the “Odyssey”. The record begins with a surreal landscape titled “Awakening” drenched in synthesizers and spacious effects that set an almost salacious tone for the unknown environments that await. Next up is “Sands Of Time”, which will have you drifting away with its buzzing leads, popping percussion and mild tempo. Its multiple structures, blissful ambience and morphing sounds will burry you in its ebb and flow. The Third track on the record is titled “Stillness”, which evokes a darker emotion, and a new state of mind as the record progresses on a brief solo journey, landing itself right in front of “This Grows”. The fourth track on the record, “This Grows” continues the new state of being with crunchy, distorted synth-lines, and erie leads that stalk you slowly. “Warmth” is the fifth track on the record, and carries the weight of the entire journey with it. Leading with synth’s of all sizes, and tall drum-lines “Warmth” is percussive story telling. The final track is titled “Lift” and does exactly that. Its upbeat vibe and quicker tempo embraces a new tone as the record moves from the dark into the light. The track leads with a bright stab and ambient pads, followed by more percussive grooves that almost talk to the synth patterns. “Lift” is the perfect end to the perfect musical experience.

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