BTR001 - Aversive - Fortress EP

Black Tuna Recordings proudly introduces Aversive, and her brand new “Fortress” EP. This four-track EP is dark, light, and all the shades in between. Kicking it off with the title track “Fortress”, the record begins with a dazzling chord section, accompanied by a classic break, and squalid bassline. “Fortress” is a dark one, propelled forward by its superb percussion, and seriously rude vibe. “Didgeridoo” is the second track on the EP, and begins with a deep, melodic chord section. Driven by an unyielding pulse, broken beats, and a ferocious bassline “Didgeridoo” sets an unforgettable tone by fusing two worlds. The third track titled “You Know” feat. Miss Fudge starts off on the lighter side with spacious, soulful pads and textured landscapes that calm, energize, and leave you with a sense of jubilance. The final track on the record is “Night Sky”, which features a relaxed, liquid infused drum and bass sound that submerges you into the music. The combination of a massive kick drum, and liquid elements, “Night Sky” is a definite “must have” for any dnb dj.

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