BTR007 - Kursa & Fat Pat - Sleepless Beats EP feat. Melo.Nade - Out Now On Black Tuna Recordings

Black Tuna Recordings proudly presents Kursa & Fat Pat: Sleepless Beats EP. This four track EP is a mixture of Fat Pat’s gluttonous appetite for greasy synthesis and Kursa’s technical, melodic structures. “Sleepless Beats” explores a down-tempo side of each other’s production with a deep pulse, soulful environment, and relaxed ambient tone. Accompanied by pleasantly textured percussive patterns, “Sleepless Beats” will keep you up all night. “Melodic As Tits” ft. Melo.Nade has a very spacious, and vibrant hip-hop sound driven by its melodic drum rhythms. Lead by a single flute, “Melodic As Tits” guides you through a spiritual music experience. The third track on the EP titled “Extra Big Ass Fries” is an extra big ass beat with and extra big ass vibe. Mandolins, brass, and highly controlled synths all mixed into one extra big ass experience. Groovy drums, technical patterns, eerie pads and wall-to-wall synths drive the final track on the EP titled “Supa Gut”. “Supa Gut” is packed with punch, and showcases the top-notch production of the Kursa & Fat Pat duo.

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