BTR026 - Reflektor - Images EP

Black Tuna Recordings presents Reflektor, and the “Images” EP, featuring two outstanding drum and bass tracks: “Images on the A side and “Ever So” on the B side. Reflektor is an emerging dnb trio from Vancouver, Canada. Comprised of local artists EhTee, Malikai, and Squamwise. The trio has quickly rallied support from, C Recordings, the SlowDjs, Dub Selekta, and Digital Motion Events just to name a few. With an arsenal of releases ready to fire out, 2016 bodes well for Reflektor.

The first side of the record is “Images” coming at you with those deep low end liquid vibes. The track begins with a very tribal melody, setting an entrancing tone as it transitions and drops into smooth bass, punchy, technical drum sequences, and a brain-melting vocal that warms your soul. “Images” embodies the Reflektor sound and stays true to the deep-end, liquid drum and bass style adding their own unique, personal, Canadian flavour. Layered with vocal edits, pitch bends, and beautiful effects “Images” is sure to become standard in your selection.

“Ever So” is side two and has a more upbeat vibe with a brighter, bouncier tone than the former. This track is lead by ambient vocal pads, tight hi-hats, golden horns, and an amazing lead synth that almost resembles a guitar solo. “Ever So” is loaded with high-energy grooves, layered effects, and subtle elements that splash around to paint the spectrum with a refreshing new sound. “Ever So” is a satisfying, prodigious liquid adventure with a twist!

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